3 Reasons you should foam roll everyday!

We recommend using a foam roller because of the many many benefits.  Here are 3 of our favorite reasons why we roll everyday!

Foam Rolling to increase mobility. If you think about it like a deep tissue massage that doesn’t cost you $60-$70 an hour you can more than justify the increased mobility you can recieve from spending 20-30 minutes a day working out your kinks. The concept is based on the pressure from the foam roller as it serves to increase blood supply, loosen fascia and give the natural length tension relationship back to the muscle itself.

Foam Rolling to promote quicker recovery time. As mentioned above, foam rolling helps blood flow to the area under pressure. Increasing blood flow to exhausted muscles delivers much need nutrients that rebuild broken down tissue. Much like your garden, the more you feed and water the tissues of your muscles, the faster your recovery time.

Foam Rolling to decrease soreness. After a long and brutal workout, often times you muscles will respond by tightening up as you drive home. This is especially true if you do not spend adequate time cooling down from your workout. Along with a 5-10 minute cool down we highly suggest a 5-10 mintue session on the foam roller to help relax the muscle groups worked. This may not help to completely eliminate all soreness, but it will most certainly ease the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) over the next few days.

So there you have it. Just a few solid reason why we recommend all of our clients foam roll on a daily basis.

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Today’s Workout for the day:


5×5 Back Squats (working up to a heavy set)


25 Skin the Cat (on the high rings)

25 Front Lever Progressions



500m Run

100 DUs

80 Wall Ball

60 Box Jumps

40 RKBS (53/35)

20 OHS (135/95)