28 Day Challenge – thoughts thus far

Starting on 1-23-17 we decided to embark on a 28 day nutrition and lifestyle challenge.  The challenge encompasses a gambit of healthy habits including, Nutrition, Hydration, Rest, Mobility, Sleep, Stress Relief, Fish Oil, and Exercise. The challenge is a inter gym challenge and it comes with a facebook group that connects many other participating gyms. All gyms that are part of the Healthy Steps Nutrition Program.

All participants get score and tracking sheet that enable them to get track of their nutrition as well as place check marks for accomplishing the recommended healthy lifestyle choices. Participants recieve check marks for:

6-8 Hours Sleep

Exercise for the day (WOD or recovery, etc)

Stress Relief, we recommend Headspace

80+ ounces of water, we recommend 128 ounces for most active people

and I think its something like 1200 mg of EPA and DHA in the fish oil, we recommend SFH

15-20 minutes of extra, outside of class mobility, we recommend ROMWOD

We understand the stigma around the “challenges’ but we have been successful over time using this technique to slowly help certain individuals to implement healthy lifestyle habits.  What we have seen is that many people walk away with not a completely new set of habits, but 1 to 3 very solid habits (such as drinking water and sleeping an extra hour). In turn, this often times carries over into the clients performance over time, fueling an anticipation for the next challenge to pick up another 1-3 good solid habit, So, we see this as along term play in the healthy lifestyle habits of many as opposed to a quick fix 28 day challenge that you see so much on the TV.


Why we recommend what we do:

Water. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend a gallon of water. To know the exact perfect quantity of H2O each individual will need is almost impossible to nail down as each individual will derive a different amount of water from the food within their diet. Also a factor is the amount of perspiration which will vary from individual to individual.

Sleep. We recommend 6-8 hours as a general rule of thumb. Again, each individual will vary but most people will need at least 6-8 hours to properly re-energize and recuperate. We always recommend solid sleep habits along with the recommended dosage. We advise a a very dark sleeping space, a very quiet sleeping space, and a sleeping space that is free from distractions. We suggest avoiding all electronics close to sleep time and the elimination of all blue light devices as they stimulate the brain and make it more difficult to reach deep sleep.

Fish Oil. It helps to control inflammation within the body, regulating the ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s/9’s. Purchasing quality fish oil can be tricky, so we give a recommended dosage of EPA and DHA. We have had a tremendous amount of success with the liquid SFH brand.

Stress Relief. We like to incorporate some meditation into our healthy lifestyles as it serves, what we believe to be a very well undervalued aspect of emotional control and intelligence. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with you body mind and spirit. We think of meditation as a way to listen and feel what your body and mind really want and need. It helps to lead into self awareness and often opens people up to a much much more stress free life. We the the ease and convenience of headspace. Its an app that is super easy to access and it has quick little sessions you can manageable fit right into a busy lifestyle.