Workout of the DAY! 2-6-17

Today we run the gambit of Thrusters and Burpees. Bar facing burpees to be exact. 10 minutes worth.

But First….


12 min E2MOM

High Hang Squat Clean + Low Hang Squat Clean + Full Clean

3 reps and 6 sets… 18 total reps. The reason we point this out is to help quantify the volume. At only 18 reps we should be looking to move large loads. So buck up buttercup and put on stack up some plates!


Ok so now lets look at the WOD. Cardio for days. That is considering 115/75 thrusters are a walk in the park!

5 sets

AMRAP – 2 minute work, 1 minute rest

5 Thrusters (115/75)

5 Bar Facing Burpees


Keep moving. Score to beat = 15rds

Fear Only Exists in Your Mind

Overcoming fear is a monumental idea. Listen to many successful people and they will address the concept of fear.

Often times fear begins as an internalized belief system that, at its root, is completely unfounded. In this post we will spend some time explaining some strategies we use within our training to help mitigate this fear.

First, everyday we always dedicate at least 15 minutes to a meditation practice. We have developed a system that allows us to search and live within the present moment. This helps to de-stress and ultimately develops a true and deep awareness of who we are.

Second, we dedicate time each month to writing. Writing helps us to express our thoughts and provides an outlet to help us tangibly and clearly see and express our perceived obstacles.

Third, we practice affirmations on a daily basis. This helps us to focus in on our true desires and leads us to very accurately and aggressively internalize the feeling of the accomplishment being affirmed.

How this relates to overcoming fear.

One day we were talking with a good friend of ours who owns a company Tree Removal Port Orange. The owner is a very successful tree climber. If look at some of the trees he climbs, you will quickly realize that, he has no fear. Or at least, he does not fear climbing trees that are, sometimes, over 100 foot tall.

As we spoke to Zac, the owner, we picked his brain. We asked, how are you able to conquer the fear of climbing tree that tall? What goes through your mind? His answer started to shape the way we approached our own fear. Here is a basic summary of what he said:

He basically said that he shifts his focus. In other words, he doesn’t even think about it. Tree climbing to Zac has become second nature, a “muscle memory” as he calls it. He mentioned that the first really tall tree he ever climbed was so nerve racking that he almost automatically stopped thinking about. When he stopped thinking about it, he said “it made it worse.” He said it was so bad that it was making him physically ill. It was at this point that he caught himself and started to develop the system he uses day in and day out to tackle Volusia County’s tallest trees. ┬áSome of the tallest trees in the state of Florida.

The System

As he approaches each job, the first thoughts he goes over is the very worst outcome. For him, death. Falling off the tree could very well be life ending. After that he reviews each one of his safety protocols and ensures that each step is completely reviewed. He checks in with his team, then he finds a quiet space to meditate. As he meditates, he completely eliminates control of his mind. He lets his mind wonder where ever his mind wants to go. After doing this for so long, his mind tends to find a true and peaceful silence. A silence that he describes as “still.” This stillness serves to a present moment awareness so strong that when his meditation has ended and he focuses in on his intentions, there is literally no doubt in his mind that the job will ultimately go step by step, exactly as planned.

We started using this system and tailoring it to our own training. Not only does this help to view our day to day workouts, it helps to put a little bit of everything into a much clearer picture. With a more clear picture of the present and a more still outlook on the chaos that life brings, focus is much more real. We are more and more focused and we are quickly opening up new realizations. Pure potential is real if you can focus your mind.

Here is the workout for today:


24m EMOM – Alternating rounds per minute

  1. 5 Ground to Overhead (155/105)
  2. 10 Toes to Bar
  3. 6 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
  4. 10 Deadlifts (155/105)

Approach this workout with a real :40/:20 work to rest ratio in mind. You don’t want to spend an entire minute getting the work done. Aim to be less than the recommended forty seconds.

GTO – Touch and go, the weight should be tough but not so heavy that you have to do singles.

T2B – Focus on engagement through the lats and really pushing down on the bar. Maintain a very tight hollow to arch position to maximize efficiency

Burpee Box Jumps – Go fast on these, you want to find a rhythm on these. Place your feet in the same place each rep. Step in the same place and minimize outside movement as much as possible. Land softly on that box. Remember…. Like a ninja!

Deadlifts – Unbroken is key here. The DLs are just a fill in for the minute. One to prime your posterior as get ready for the later rounds. Again, engage those lats, pull that bar into you and eternal rotation of the shoulder. Break the bar, grip and rip.

Bang and Clang! Post your comments below