Workout of the DAY! 2-6-17

Today we run the gambit of Thrusters and Burpees. Bar facing burpees to be exact. 10 minutes worth.

But First….


12 min E2MOM

High Hang Squat Clean + Low Hang Squat Clean + Full Clean

3 reps and 6 sets… 18 total reps. The reason we point this out is to help quantify the volume. At only 18 reps we should be looking to move large loads. So buck up buttercup and put on stack up some plates!


Ok so now lets look at the WOD. Cardio for days. That is considering 115/75 thrusters are a walk in the park!

5 sets

AMRAP – 2 minute work, 1 minute rest

5 Thrusters (115/75)

5 Bar Facing Burpees


Keep moving. Score to beat = 15rds